V-belts Rubber Wrapped OLEOSTATIC


OLEOSTATIC rubber belts are wrapped V-Belts, developed with highly resistant tensile elements for high performances.


Performance and length stability are the main features of OLEOSTATIC belts.
They are environment friendly: all the compounds are halogen-free.

Main components

01 / BODY
Made of a special rubber compound which provides high transmission efficiency

02 / CORD
Consisting in high-strength low stretch cords

Permits the use of a backside idler

V-belts Rubber Wrapped OLEOSTATIC

Mechanical and chemical properties

  • smooth starting and running
  • wide range of driven speed
  • extremely wide horsepower ranges
  • vibration damping between driver and driven pulleys
  • no need for lubrication
  • long service life and low maintenance
  • antistatic properties according ISO1813
  • OLEOSTATIC belt working temperature  -30°C/+80°C


Klassisch ummantelt: A, B, C, D, E
Schmal ummantelt: SPA, SPB, SPC, RMA

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