Shaft Fixings


Shaft Fixings

In South Africa we offer the widest possible range of quality Shaft Fixings which includes:
Taper Bushes
Cone Clamping Elements


Taper Bushes

• Easy installation and removal

• No re-boring as a full range of both metric and imperial bores are available

• Totally proven bush system. Millions in use worldwide

• Fit standard shafts

• Quality screws used

• Keys not required on light duty applications

• Short length bushes allow increased maximum bores

• Superior packaging complete with fitting instructions


• Allows pilot bore products to be adapted for taper bush use

• Avoids the need to drill, tap and taper bore

• Plain outside diameter or keyed are available

• Conform to all major international standards


• Designed to accept the universally popular taper bush

• A convenient way in which products such as fan rotors, impellors etc can be converted to accept taper

bushes without welding


• Manufactured from low carbon steel and designed to accept taper bushes

• Provide a convenient means of welding hubs into fan rotors, plate sprockets etc.

• Three different designs available

Cone Clamping Elements

• Premium grade quality with high machining tolerances and surface finishes

• Wide range of sizes and configurations

• Keyless design

• Simple installation and ease of removal

• Zero backlash eliminates fretting corrosion and is unaffected by alternating torques

• Angular and axial misalignment capability

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