Timing Belts

Megadyne is a globally recognized leader in the manufacture of rubber and urethane belting used in power transmission and motion positioning applications.  Megadyne South Africa offers a wide range of timing belts that we have in stock.

Synchronous belts (also known as timing belts) represent an efficient system of power transmission. 

They combine the advantages of mechanical and flexible components without the disadvantages.

• All timing belts (and chain) operate on the positive engagement principle, belt teeth meshing with sprocket teeth. 

• Timing belts wrap around the sprocket by means of flexion and not by rotation of articulated parts as do chains.  This eliminates one of the causes of wear and noise.

Use a Timing Belt Drive when:Timing Belts

•  High torque, low RPM requirements 

•  Low maintenance required

•  Compact drive layout is necessary

•  Low noise required (compared to chain and gears)

•  Synchronous transmission between shafts is a must

•  Precise positioning of shafts (non-slip and minimal backlash)

•  High mechanical drive efficiency and energy savings required

•  Environmental or contamination concerns (no lubrication required)