All belts feature international labelling and fully comply with ISO, BS, DIN and other international standards. The extensive Challenge range of quality belts include our:

• Classical V-Belts (Z, A, B, C, D)

• Classical CRE V-Belts (AX, BX)

• Wedge Belts (SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC, SPP)

• CRE Wedge Belts (SPAX, SPBX, SPCX)

• Narrow V belts (3V, 5V, 8V)

• Classical Timing Belts including sleeves (XL, L, H, XH)

• Curved Tooth Timing Belts including sleeves

(HTD in 3M, 5M, 8M and 14M)

• Other belts to suit agricultural and automotive applications are available to special order


‘V’ and Wedge Belts (CRE & Envelope Type)

• Factory complies with ISO 9001 standards

• High quality polyester cords used to ensure minimum stretch

• Wide range of international standard lengths

• Excellent anti-static, oil and heat resistant properties complying with ISO 1813

• Comply with American Petroleum Institute standards

Cogged Raw Edge (CRE) Belts

• Available in Wedge sections SPZX, SPAX, SPBX and


• Available in Classical belt sections ‘AX’ and ‘BX’

• Ideal for small pulleys

• Conform to all major international standards

Envelope Type Belts

• Available in Wedge sections SPZ, SPA, SPB and SPC

• Available in classical ‘V’ sections Z(M), A, B, C and D

• Treated envelope covering

• Conform to all major international standards

Classical Timing Belts

• The original synchronous belt

• Available in XL (1/5”), L (3/8”), H (1/2”) and XH (7/8”) pitches

• Fully comply with ISO 5296

• Several standard widths available up to 4” (in XH)

Curved Tooth Timing Belts, HTD®

• The first metric and biggest selling range of synchronous belts

• Available in sections 3 mm, 5 mm, 8 mm and 14 mm pitch

• Conform to ISO 13050

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