ALLIGATOR® Belt Lacing System


ALLIGATOR® Belt Lacing System

For Easy, Economical Installation of a Low Profile Belt Splice

Alligator® Lacing is available in continuous lengths to fit any belt width and provides uniform tension across the full belt width. The one-piece fastener strip also ensures that there are no loose pieces to work themselves out of the belt and into the conveyed product.

Designed for belts from 1/32” to 1/2” ( .8 mm to 12.5 mm)*, Alligator Belt Lacing installation requires no special tools, only a hammer. The lacing is secured with teeth that embed lengthwise on the belt, providing a strong, vise - like hold. Clips hold gauge rod and lacing firmly and squarely against the belt during the installation process to ensure a strong, straight splice. The straight splice also helps ease hinge pin insertion.

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