Shaft Couplings


Shaft Couplings

Challenge shaft couplings are suitable for use in a wide range of applications in South Africa.

The range encompasses FFX tyre coupling, HRC, Jaw and Chain shaft couplings as well as our NPX, RPX and CNM couplings which match industry standards.

Whether you need to absorb shock from a crusher or drive a smooth-running generator, Challenge has a suitable coupling for your application.



• Up to 14675 Nm torque on 6 pole motors

• Up to 4° angular misalignment

• Up to 12° ‘wind up’ shock absorption

• Can accommodate simultaneous maximum misalignment in all planes

• Tyre can be changed without moving prime mover or driven machine

• Visual inspection of tyre to detect wear

• Zero backlash makes the FFX ideal for reversing duties as the load carrying cords are wound in both

directions. Reversing drives are not a problem

• Steel clamping rings used throughout the range for superior tyre/clamping ring grip

• Fire resistant and anti-static (FRAS) tyres available

• No lubrication required

• Taper bush and pilot bore flanges available


• Designed specifically for use with IEC motors

• Torques up to 3150 Nm

• Up to 1° angular misalignment

• Good shock absorption properties

• Quick and easy assembly

• Taper bush and Pilot bore flanges available

• High-grade cast-iron hubs

• Fail safe operation


• Designed to industry standard

• Available with three-part flanges, thus allowing the segments to be changed without disturbing either the driving or driven shaft

• High levels of torsional flexibility

• High speed capability

• Suit IEC electric motor applications

• Taper bore and pilot bore flanges


• Fully machined with curved jaw design. This reduces vibration and allows for increased shock loading

• Designed to industry standard

• High torque for size

• Taper bore and pilot bore flanges

• 92 shore (yellow) and 98 shore (red) elements



• International design

• Low-cost wide range of sizes from 16 mm to 127

mm diameter


• High torque capacity

• Bores from 12 mm to 150 mm diameter

• Fully sealed casing with ‘O’ rings

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