For more than 60 years, AVE has been evolving to meet the needs of its customers.

AVE specializes in the design, development and manufacture of belts, chains, guides and conveying system components, in stainless steel and other high-performance materials.

AVE services a wide range of industries requiring product conveying solutions: manufacturers of bottling and packaging equipment, bottling plants and other industries such as glass manufacturing, automotive, cardboard, food, printing.

Now spread across 5 continents, AVE has succeeded in maintaining the confidence of its clients thanks to its team of top professionals, by using the latest technology and industry knowledge, its product quality and competitiveness and by offering the best possible customer service.


  • High-Tech Long-Life Stainless-Steel chains, with strengthened pins, optimum stability, extra flatness and reduced gap
  • Accumulation BP chains to increase efficiency & reduce noise, equipped with pins, custom-made design with security locks
  • Rubber top chains, high friction surface
  • FDA approved thermoplastic chains and belts
  • High temperature resistance thermoplastic chains and belts with specially designed components to reduce wear
  • Precision chains with rubber grippers in different shapes for different pressures depending on the products to be carried through carrousels
  • Tight radius thermoplastic chains
  • Thermoplastic chains & modular belts, including heavy duty, carwash conveyors, tyre and rubber plants
  • Tray transport thermoplastic chains (straight and side flexing)
  • Side guides, roller guides, wear strips, brackets & accessories
  • All kind of components and accessories for conveying lines, fame structures, levelers, bearings
  • Spiral designed profiles
  • Good wear resistance & easy assembly spares
  • Neck guides FDA approved, higher PV limit, improved wear resistance
  • Added safety with finger protection system side flexing tight radius chains
  • Crate & box carrying chains
  • Sprockets

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