V-belts Rubber Wrapped XDV2


XDV2 series belts are designed for maintenance free operation in applications with exceptionally hard working conditions.
Thanks to its characteristics, the XDV2 perfectly matches the requirements of clutching drives as the aramid cords protect the belt against shock loads while maintaining its length constant.


XDV2 has been created for drives which include small pulley diameters and high temperature peaks, combined with a high grade of moisture and humidity.
It withstands the harshest environmental requirements, such as oil and grease contaminated drives or transmission were grit may interfere between pulleys and belt.

Main components

01 / BODY
Belt body made of CR blend

02 / CORD
Aramid tensile member

Light grey colored fabric, of strong cotton / polyester

v-belts rubber wrapped xdv2 components

Mechanical and chemical properties

  • smooth power transmission (the belt can absorb power shocks)
  • ideal for drives with power oscillations  (reduced drive vibrations)
  • superior resistance to temperature, oils and weather
  • meets requirement for static conductivity
  • XDV2 belt working temperature -20°C/+80°C

Main Applications by Industry


Querschnitte 38, 48, 58

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