Precision Performance for Filling and Capping Processes

Precision Performance for Filling and Capping Processes

Megadyne is here to support all of your belting needs for the packaging industry. Joining the list of Megadyne's outstanding innovative solutions is the range of high-performance Megalinear and Megaflex belts for filling and capping.

Accuracy in movement

Whether the product is dense, semi-dense, liquid or powder, what matters most in this packaging stage is precise positioning coupled with efficient movement, to minimize waste and boost output. Our belts – designed by experienced industry experts – are made to deliver position-perfect container placement, even at high speeds, for multi-stage dispensing and for capping, reducing rejection rates and cutting down on hygiene and cleaning issues.

Custom solutions

Every filling line presents unique challenges, based on the product, the container and the dispensing layout. Recognizing this, Megadyne offers a full range of durable thermoplastic and thermoset polyurethane timing belts, available in a wide selection of widths and pitches. What's more, each of these belts can be further tailored to meet the most demanding application needs. Different cover materials – such as AVAFC (PU), Tenax, DurataqTM, and other grade of natural rubber – can be laminated or vulcanized in place, and special slots or shapes can be molded or ground into the cover as well.

Quality capping

Above all, successful capping requires properly coordinated synchronous action. As with the belting system components for the filling lines, Megadyne capping disks and belts for capping lines are high-quality equipment, engineered to perform exactly as required over a long operating life. The different capping feed belts (including silicone coated or rubber coated polyurethane timing belts, non-marking rubber V belts and rubber flat belts) all work together to maintain the optimal amount of friction and feature the correct degree of cushioning, so that the molded polyurethane capping disk, or the belt, can apply precisely the right amount of torsion needed to seal the containers. In addition, all Megadyne capping belts and disks are designed to be non-marking as well, eliminating any issues with smudges.

Superior systems

With advanced belting solutions across all applications in the packaging industry, Megadyne has a long track record of outstanding design and product quality. All of the thermoplastic polyurethane timing belts for filling applications, V belts and flat belts for capping machines have been manufactured out of the highest quality materials for extended working lifetimes and engineered for reliably precise performance over that long lifetime.

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