Unimatch Banded Deep Wedge V


Unimatch Banded Deep Wedge V

A narrower, deeper cross-section than classical V-belts with more efficient load carrying characteristics and higher power capability.


UniMatch® Banded V-belts are available in Deep Wedge sections 3V, 5V and 8V, and feature the same premium construction as the individual Deep Wedge belt and are bonded together with a fabric-neoprene top band. These belts are often used on vertical shafts and where belt vibration, whipping, and turn-over must be minimized.

Banded Deep Wedge V-belts are specified by a number followed by a forward slash which indicates banded construction, number of ribs and a letter/number combination indicating the base belt part number.

Main components

01 / BODY
Compound  NR/SBR

02 / CORD

03 / COVER
Cotton/polyester blend
Top Band – Fabric/Neoprene

Mechanical and chemical properties

  • High Power Capability – High power with a more compact drive
  • Banded Construction – Fabric/Neoprene top band enhances stability and prevents belts from turning over or coming off of the drive. Minimizes vibration.
  • Oil & Heat Resistant – Durability in tough environments


3V, 5V, 8V

Conforms to ARPM standard IP-22

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