Multi rib belts pv rubber ribbed

PV Rubber Ribbed

Megadyne manufactures J, L and M section multi-rib V belts for use in high speed and  high ratio drive applications.  Constructed with polybutadiene rubber and polyester cords, our belt flexes around small drive pulleys allowing for high ratio drives to be used in  compact drive package design.  Multi-V Rib belts run quiet and deliver low vibration and will not turnover at high speeds. Fabric is added to the belts back side to increase lateral stiffness.

In addition to use in power transmission applications like machine tools, compressors, commercial appliances and fitness equipment, rubber multi V Rib belts are commonly covered would high friction, wear resistant rubber for use in applications like puller belts in extrusion applications.

Multi-Rib V-belts conform to ARPM Engineering Standard IP-26 and ISO 9982. Multi-Rib V-belts are specified by the effective length in inches multiplied by 10, the cross-section and the number of ribs – Example: 445J6, where 44.5” is the belt length, J is the pitch and the number of ribs is 6. 

Elastic Cord construction Multi-Rib rubber belts for fixed center drives are available for OEM applications.  Contact Megadyne to discuss you specific needs.


PV Rubber Ribbed belts are low noise, self-tracking, capable of running at high speeds and use a compact drive design. They can be used in serpentine or twisted drives, due to their high flexibility.

Main components

01 / BODY
The belt body is made with polybutadiene which offers a low coefficient of friction, high transmission efficiency and minimum wear.

02 & 03 / CORD
The belt reinforcement consists of low stretch polyester cords.

Fabric added the back side of the belt offers lateral rigidity and wear protection.

Multi rib belts pv rubber ribbed

Mechanical and chemical properties

  • high flexibility
  • linear belt speeds up to 60 m/s are possible
  • small pulley diameters and flat pulleys can be used in order to reduce drive costs
  • power performance can be improved by increasing the number of ribs
  • antistatic
  • PV Rubber Ribbed belt working temperature -30° / +80° C


Profile PH, PJ, PK, PL, PM 

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