Megadyne provides its customers with innovative solutions to specific packaging industry needs offering a wide selection of belt constructions, and manufacturing processes thanks to years of industrial experience. Megadyne Group products are used in packaging equipment from the first to the last phase. 

Our portfolio of synchronous and non-synchronous belts, including  special cover materials, cleated belts, machined modifications and other fabrications types deliver the  solutions needed for the applications below:

  • Carton forming/box erecting/ box closing
  • Filling
  • Blow molding machines
  • Capping lines
  • Cartoning lines
  • Check weighing
  • Feed lines
  • Filling lines
  • Form, fill and seal
  • Wrapping and sealing
  • Labeling

What Are Packaging Conveyors?

Packaging conveyors handle goods that need to be packaged. Specifically, they weigh, sort, fill and place the items in cartons, all moving at high speed, where belt synchronization plays a key function to ensure optimal productivity. Packaging conveyors are constantly evolving with technological advances that make moving products from one location to another more smooth and efficient.

Timing Belts

One of the key advancements in packaging process handling are the replacement of roller chains with timing belts. Compared to roller chains, timing belts require significantly less maintenance and do not rely on lubricants, which is extremely important when packaging food and beverage products. Timing belts are also more lightweight and consume less energy, further reducing operation costs. Additionally, timing belts can be customized with covers to meet frictional handling challenges and cleats to allow separation and sortation.

Benefits of Packaging Conveyor Systems

Packaging conveyor systems work to streamline and improve packaging processes, offering benefits such as:

Improve Packaging Efficiency

Precision synchronous Handling increases productivity and helps to keep your packaging operations running smooth and efficient. With recent technological advancements, packaging lines offer full automation options for moving products through the packaging process. This not only reduces the risk of handling errors and product damages, but it also enhances operational speed and efficiency.

Lower Risk of Injury

Automated packaging line systems reduce the need for your employees to carry heavy or bulky packages, which can result in repetitive stress injuries or occasional accidents. They also help to keep packaging materials organized and out of the walkways, further minimizing the risk of falls and other accidents. 

Accumulation of Packaging Products

Synchronous belts with a low friction cover surface offer an efficient way to accumulate products without damaging the package. These systems can group related packages and products together to prepare them for packing, shipping, and handling. This is especially important for applications requiring the packing of large quantities of products rather than a solitary item.

Megadyne's Solutions for the Packaging Industry

At Megadyne, we specialize in providing our customers with innovative and customized belting solutions designed to meet the particular needs of the packaging industry. With years of application experience and advanced  manufacturing processes, we can deliver products that handle each phase of the packaging process. 

We offer a wide range of standard and customized belting solutions for customers in the packaging industry. Our synchronous or non-synchronous belts can be fabricated with special cover materials, cleats, and machined modifications to meet the needs of various packaging applications, including:

Box Erecting

With the large majority of packaging made of paper-based products, we offer a wide range of homogenous, high friction, long-life molded cover surfaces on both rubber and polyurethane synchronous and non-synchronous belts. In cases where vacuum is needed to secure the media being moved, we can add the right modifications to ensure efficient transport. 

Vertical Form Fill And Seal

Synchronous or non-synchronous belts with molded covers provide the right friction and wear resistance to get the job done. With the vast number of film and media types used today to create bags, the right choice of non-glazing cover can make the difference between efficient and non-efficient bag handling and filling. Modifications such as holes, slots and grooves for vacuum can be added to meet your specific application requirements. We also provide a wide range of stainless steel and Teflon® coated sealing bands. 

Filling And Capping Machines

Megalinear and Megaflex belts used for bi-directional dispensing head positioning ensures precise and smooth movement at high speeds. Feed belts with the right amount of friction and cushioning to move, hold and cap bottles. 

Case & Tray Packing

After boxes are formed, the product is inserted into cases or trays. This movement requires belts that offer features like high friction, non-slip covers and cleats for sortation and accurate product placement. 

Box Filling And Closing Lines

After products are packed in cartons or trays, they are then inserted into boxes. During this process, belts are used to guide and support the box through sealing, labeling and weighing processes.

Palletizing And Warehousing Applications

After the product is boxed and weighed, it is stacked, wrapped and sent on its way to the customer or warehoused. Megadyne Group products used in this area include: parallel path timing belts as well as synchronous and non-synchronous high strength lift belts. For more information about how our products can improve your overall packaging operations, contact the experts at Megadyne today.


Customers rely on Megadyne’s full line of belting solutions for the packaging industry including a wide range of standard and customized poducts.

  • Special & Fabricated belts
  • Timing Belts
  • V-belts
  • Multi-rib belts

Success Stories

  • Food Filling Machine
  • Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine
  • A manufacturer of food container filling machines contacted Megadyne requesting design assistance with a new unit needing high positional accuracy, the flexibility to move a wide variety of packaging containers, the strength and durability to deliver the required drive life and reliability.

    Read more and discover how Megadyne problem solved and provided the solution.

  • Vertical form fill sealing machines (VFFS) are automated assembly-line product packaging systems used in the packaging industry for food and other products. 

    Discover how we can make your machines work in a continuous and clean way, to resist glazing, maintain friction and eliminate unwanted shifting as materials move through the system.

Main Applications