Megadyne timing belts are used in both the primary and secondary processes of tobacco production. Slicing and shredding the tobacco leaves and then the drying and flavouring processes.
Finally feeding the tobacco to the cigarette manufacturing machines, on to the handling and packaging equipment, ready for sale.

Nontoxic and in compliance with all relevant safety standards, Megadyne V Series two-ply polyolefin belts and HY Series Hytrel® belts excel in these applications.

For the packaging stages of cigarette production, we can provide several FDA-approved belt solutions: our spun cast Hytrel® belt, which features a small footprint, can be used as a vacuum belt for paperboard cigarette packages; a variety of our speciality profile urethane timing belts are well suited for packaging cartons into boxes for shipping.


Many Customers are linked to Megadyne with this specific Industrial sector thanks to its wide range of standard and customized products; look forward our selection and choose the right solution for your specific application!

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