Megadyne introduces MEGALINEAR MLRE-45 - a power transmission belt designed to meet the needs of live rollers in automated warehouse systems.

In the realm of modern intralogistics, power transmission belt systems must meet rigorous criteria: reliability, durability, and efficiency. Critical to live roller belt performance is its interaction with transfer rollers. The belt must exhibit flexibility while minimizing friction on metal rollers. This flexibility ensures smooth navigation through the twists and turns of the roller conveyors. The choice of belt material and design is crucial for achieving a balance—providing robust friction on metal rollers for secure item transfer and low friction on idlers to minimize energy consumption.

MEGALINEAR Live Roller End-User 45 mm meets all of the above criteria and more! 


MEGALINEAR MLRE-45 is manufactured from polyurethane 85 ShA, in standard yellow with black anti-static fabric on the bottom.

Main components

• high strength aramid tensile members
• yellow finish for easy wear detection
• high friction surface
• black anti-static fabric to reduce dust abrasion and lower friction

Standard Width: 45 mm
Standard Length: 200 m open-end rolls
Thickness: 4.7 mm
Max traction load: 4,025 N
Breaking strength: 16,100 N
Working temperature: -13 / +176 °F (-25 / +80 °C)

Mechanical and chemical properties

• high grip and less slip on the rollers
• anti-static fabric to reduce wear and lower friction
• flexible belt construction
• improved wear and abrasion resistance
• designed to resist ozone and temperature degradation

High efficiency
• stable tension over time
• smooth running

Less maintenance
• easy installation
• fast and easy replacement on-site
• easily spliced using common splicing equipment

Energy saving
• low energy consumption due to high flexibility
• optimized CoF improves energy efficiency

Cost saving
• easily maintained
• energy-efficient design

Main Applications by Industry

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