MEGAFLEX MegaEco Biobased


Megaflex MegaEco Biobased

MEGAFLEX MegaEco Biobased

Green is not just a colour: MEGAFLEX MegaEco Biobased is produced with Polymer coming partially from vegetable sources.

That means this “eco-friendly” belt solution can support companies that have embraced sustainability as part of their policy and are taking care of the environment. MEGAFLEX Biobased timing belts are suitable for industries committed to reducing their CO2 footprint and the usage of fossil-based raw materials, especially for the Indoor Vertical Farming Industry, Material Handling in Agriculture, and Planting.


 MEGAFLEX Biobased is a part of the Megadyne MegaEco range in which the timing belts are produced using raw materials of lower CO2 impact.

Main components

Green TPU compound 90 ShA

  • Vegetable sourced partially
  • Equivalent TPU performance to the standard version
  • Sustainable and limiting CO2

Steel cords

  • Same construction as standard open end timing belt
  • Equivalent cord performance in strength and resilience to standard belts

T5, T10, AT5 and AT10

  • Please contact our Sales Team for further information about lead times, min. quantities, etc.
Megaflex MegaEco Biobased

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