Commercial & Domestic Appliance


The Megadyne range of products for the white goods and power tool markets, offer safe, low noise and energy efficient solutions.
The Commercial & Domestic Appliance Industry has relied on Megadyne’s V-belts and Ribbed belts for decades.
Thanks to great tensile strength, they rev up washing machines, dryers, vacuums and kitchen appliances reliably. At high rotation speeds, Megadyne belts run with low vibration and are as silent as a whisper.

We even have the right solution for small do-it-yourself tools!

In fact, our belts are used in a  broad range of applications, including, but not limited to:

  • Exercise equipment
  • Machine tools
  • Floor polishing machines
  • Air compressors
  • Commercial and residential dryers
  • Food processors
  • Vacuum cleaners


Many Customers are linked to Megadyne with this specific Industrial sector thanks to its wide range of standard and customized products; look forward our selection and choose the right solution for your specific application!

Success Stories

  • Washing Machines and Dryers
  • Orange Squeezer
  • Washing machines and dryers use belts to connect the motor with the drum: manufacturers in this sector largely use rubber PV style v-belts, also called poly-v or multi-rib belts. Discover which special PV belt construction allows them to achieve their goals in terms of low noise, high rotational speed and low costs (energy saving and reduced maintenance)

  • Juicers are common kitchen appliances used to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. They must operate smoothly at high speed with a minimum level of noise and vibration within a small dimensional space. For this kind of small high torque appliance, Megadyne provides a synchronous belt that meets all requirements while reducing drive weight and cost.