Construction & Heavy Industry


Both the original equipment manufacturers and the distribution market, have for many years favoured Megadyne belts. Our wrapped V-belts and Pluriband Multi V-belts, operate with robustness and durability. From air compressors to excavators, from crushers to bulldozers, Megadyne V-belts are the benchmark products for all these types of application including concrete saws, concrete graters, ...

When working with demanding construction equipment and heavy equipment, reliable, high-strength belting materials are key to ensuring reliability and longevity. At Megadyne, we can make use of high-torque and high-horsepower kevlar, and carbon fiber, as well as high-performance fiberglass, rubber and urethane.


Megadyne serves many customers in this Market segment thanks to its wide range of standard and customized products. View our product range to find the right solution for your specific application.

Success Stories

  • Cement Mixer
  • Rock Crusher
  • In the construction industry, portable cement mixers work in a very harsh environment. To work efficiently and maximize production, drive systems must mix cement quickly and thoroughly, be easy to maintain and exist in a relatively small space.
    Megadyne designed a drive solution that met these requirements: discover which one!

  • The maintenance manager of a mining operation contacted Megadyne for help with the belt drives on their rock crushers. They were experiencing short belt life and frequent breakage from the v-belts supplied by a competitor. They needed to increase belt life and improve drive reliability.

    Continue reading the story to see the solution Megadyne provided.