Timing belts Rubber open end Rubber MEGAPAINT


Megadyne has developed a new RPP8 timing belt designed for conveyor and transfer lines, specifically for painting systems: the MEGAPAINT belt.
MEGAPAINT belts are silicone free and do not contain contaminants, as requested for water or solvent based paints; the purity of materials and the absence of polluting particles always guarantees perfectly painted surfaces and without any defect.


Rubber MEGAPAINT is silicone free and without surface impurities and contaminants, according to car manufacturers’ standard.
Test performed by the Forschungsinstitut für Pigmente und Lacke e.V. of the Stuttgart University.

Main components

01 / BODY
Belt body and back made of NBR based compound with a high purity degree and without contaminating agents.

02 / CORD
Fiberglass cords with high elastic module and a special surface treatment.

Fabric on teeth with high wear resistance, with a nitrile based treatment to protect the external surface

Timing belts Rubber open end Rubber MEGAPAINT

Mechanical and chemical properties

  • Silicone free
  • High resistance to ozone and adequate resistance to lubricating oils
  • No need at all for maintenance and lubrication
  • Rubber MEGAPAINT belt working temperature  -4°F/+212°F (-20°C/+100°C)

Main Applications by Industry


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