V-belts are a variety of drive belts that feature tapered sides designed to fit into pulleys with side guides. Their unique shape, which features a trapezoidal cross-section, allows them to tightly wedge into grooved pulleys or sheaves and transmit power as tensions rise. V-belts are the most widely used type of drive belt due to their excellent torque transmission capabilities.

Common V-Belt Applications

V-belts are used for power transmission throughout many industrial applications. They are easy to install, cost-effective, come in a wide variety of sizes, and are available in light to heavy-duty varieties. The unique shape of v-belts allows them to fit securely in pulleys without a risk of side drift or the belt turning over.

V-belts transmit power from a motor to pulleys to power many types of components, including compressors, fans, water pumps, rollers, and paddles. V-belts are also used in light-duty drilling machines, lathes, manufacturing applications, and even power tools.

V-Belt Products from Megadyne

At Megadyne, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of v-belt products, suitable for even the most demanding applications. Our product selection includes:

Rubber Wrapped

Rubber wrapped v-belts from Megadyne are designed and manufactured to deliver superior performance with high tensile strength and durability. This type of belt is suitable for both light and heavy-duty systems and performs well in harsh environmental conditions. Megadyne offers rubber wrapped belts in a wide variety of lengths and sections.

V-belts come in a variety of profile options, each featuring different dimensions. Classic v-belts have a profile dating back to the 1930s and were originally designed to replace leather belts. Today they are used in a variety of applications and are available in different sizes, including:

  • A classic v-belts. This type of v-belt has a standard 1/2‘’ width and is dimensionally the same as 4L FHP v-belts. They are manufactured at a 40° angle and used in applications relating to agriculture, HVAC, lawn and garden care, and more.
  • B classic v-belts. Featuring a standard 21/32’’ top width, this type of v-belt is dimensionally the same as 5L FHP belts and is suitable for light-duty applications. Similar to A classic v-belts, B classic belts are used in single belt drives in applications relating to HVAC, lawn care, and agriculture. 
  • C classic v-belts. This type features a standard top width of 7/8‘’ and is not considered a light-duty belt. C classic v-belts are used in applications relating to mining and rock crushing, among others.
  • D classic v-belts. D classic belts are suitable for more heavy-duty applications, such as oilfield supply, rock crushing, mining, and agriculture. They feature a 1 1/4‘’ top width.
  • E classic v-belts. Similar to the D classic type, E classic v-belts are also a more heavy-duty belt. They are suitable for all standard industrial applications and feature a 1 1/2‘’top width. 

Rubber Raw Edge

Our rubber raw edge v-belts are suitable for high-speed, compact drives and are heat and oil resistant, delivering reliable performance in chemically aggressive environments. Rubber raw edge belts significantly increase efficiency and are  suitable for smaller pulleys. They effectively eliminate slippage and are static dissipating. 

Megadyne Classical raw edge belts are available in:

Benefits of Megadyne Classical Raw Edge Belts:

  • Oil and heat resistant

  • Have static dissipating benefits.

  • The raw edge construction eliminates slippage versus wrapped v belts saving energy.

  • The belts operate in environmental ranges -22F/194F (-30C/+90C).

These belts are made with a chloprene rubber and reinforced with  polyester tensile members.  The top surface of the belt has a cotton/polyester blend fabric.

Our UniMatch construction ensures consistent belt lengths, allowing confident load sharing on tandem drives. They are designed for high speed, compact drive applications delivering more power capacity than our classical wrapped v belts.     Common applications for Megadyne raw edge belts include: .

  • Hvac Equipment

  • Lawn And Garden.

  • Agricultural

Banded & Linked V-Belts

Megadyne offers a broad selection of banded and linked v-belts, all designed to help eliminate belt whip and twisting. These v-belt types deliver smooth and consistent operations while minimizing vibrations and preventing the belt from coming off the drive. The improved stability delivered by these belts makes them ideally suited for mobile service vehicles carrying one roll of link belts, rather than needing multiple belt sizes. Banded and linked v-belts feature superior  strength and high durability while being quick and simple to assemble.

Megadyne Banded & Linked V-Belts are available in

Reliable V-Belt Solutions from Megadyne

For over 60 years, Megadyne has been a leader in power transmission solutions. The v-belts we develop are manufactured for optimal durability and reliable performance in even the most challenging environments. We are UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified and remain committed to environmental protection with our environmental 14001 certification.

We provide customized v-belt solutions to customers across a wide range of industries, from consumer appliances to heavy machinery. To learn more, or for help finding the right product for your application, contact us today.