The MEGAC4T – The All-In-One Belt

The MEGAC4T – The All-In-One Belt

The innovative MEGAC4TTM (Megalinear Adaptable Cleats For Transport) is without a doubt the most versatile belt in the Megalinear family. The adaptive design allows end users to quickly and easily change profiles directly on the belt itself, enabling the use of the MEGAC4TTM for a wide variety of applications. Transporting goods of different sizes and shapes on a single transport system is possible without having to remove and reinstall the belt.

Less Downtime, Less Inventory

Intelligent engineering and a knowledge of industry demands led to the introduction of the MEGAC4TTM, a Megalinear belt constructed of white thermoplastic Polyurethane reinforced with S and Z-torsion zinc-coated steel cords, whose special feature is its groundbreaking multi-functionality. The special fastening system and the interchangeable profile elements reduce costs in two ways: the MEGAC4TTM not only minimizes production downtime due to profile replacement, but it also eliminates the need to stock different belts for different operational runs, streamlining equipment inventory. Replacement belts are not required at the same levels as with other profiled belts, since wear and tear on the profile feature of the MEGAC4TTM can be solved by switching out old for new right on the belt.

This belt works with standard pulleys and can be equipped with various profile materials, making it even more versatile; it can also be tailor-made with special cords according to customer requirements. No matter what special construction or profile configuration the end user chooses to create, the MEGAC4TTM belt is sure to deliver the same reliable performance that characterizes the entire Megalinear line of belting solutions, with highly accurate product positioning and dimensional stability over a long operating life.

Handling All Shapes and Sizes

The MEGAC4TTM can be found most often on conveying lines where its profile versatility can be exploited to the fullest extent: particularly significant for the Packaging, Logistics and Material Handling Industry.

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