Timing belts Rubber open end RPP STEEL


RPP STEEL is a new generation of open end rubber timing belt, manufactured with a high performing EPDM rubber compound and an innovative production process.
RPP STEEL withstands chemically aggressive environments, provides a great abrasion and superior wear resistance and an extended range of working temperatures.


RPP Steel is designed around the well-known RPP profile, in order to assure the interchangeability on existing drives and pulleys. The belt has very limited elongation compared to equivalent versions with glass or aramid cord.

Main components

01 / BODY
The body is made of high quality EPDM compound.

02 / CORD
The reinforcement is achieved by means of multiple strands of high-strength, high-modulus steel cords with “S” and “Z” torsions.
These are vulcanised into one homogenous unit within the EPDM.

03 / COVER
Nylon fabric covers the teeth surface, protecting it.

Timing belts Rubber open end RPP STEEL

Mechanical and chemical properties

  • maximum traction load capacity
  • great abrasion and tooth shear resistance
  • no elongation in time
  • high level of resistance to flex fatigue
  • good resistance to chemically aggressive environments (ozone, UV)
  • suitable for application with back idler
  • RPP Steel belt working temperature  -25°C/+80°C


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