The HYBRID BELT PLUS is part of the HYBRID BELTS SERIES: innovative belts with unique features within the market, combining successfully the positive features of timing belts with and conveyor belts.
The main feature of HYBRID BELT PLUS is the application of two or more timing belts at the edges of a polyurethane conveyor belt or in central position.
Compatible for fabrication with other thermoplastic materials.
Many profiles and coatings are possible to suit specific applications. 


  • Driven speed up to 550 mt/min
  • Greater productivity
  • Long belt life, because the conveyor belt works without traction loads
  • Cost reduction Less energy absorption (about 30%)
  • Energy saving
  • Extremely customization, covering and special reworking
  • Taylor made

Main components

Conveyor Belt: PUCON – Thermoplastic Polyurethane; SILCON - Silicone
Material: PU / SIL
Type of fabric: PET, rigid
Timing belt: MEGALINEAR - Thermoplastic polyurethane with kevlar cords, steel cords or without cords and nylon coating of the teeth

Mechanical and chemical properties

  • Smooth starting and running
  • More compact dimension of pulleys
  • Compact drive, more flexibility
  • HYBRID BELT PLUS working temperature: -20° / +80°


For the conveyor belt:
The range includes different size, fabric, compounds, colors and patterns.

For the timing belt:
Pitches: T10, T5, H, HTD5M, HTD8M, STD8M and more

Production width: Maximum 1000 mm
Minimum roller diameter: 80 mm

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