The Fitness Industry is a fast-growing sector, especially within the field of health and wellness. All around the world, our OEM teams are constantly striving to design new and better-performing gym equipment. Efficient components and professional design provide a better performance: Megadyne belts match these projects perfectly meeting the high-level requirements.

With our products, you may achieve a grease-free surface, long service life, smooth starting and running, silent drive, maximum efficiency, and reduced dimensions. Every machine has its specific requirements like peak load, power load capacity, and a wide range of driven speed. We do our best to meet all these needs. 


Many Customers have linked Megadyne with this specific industrial sector thanks to its wide range of standard and customized products. Have a look at our selection and choose the right solution for your specific application!

For an extended range of our Fitness belts, see the website of our sister product brand Ammeraal Beltech.

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Success Stories

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  • Treadmill
  • The Fitness Industry focuses on health and overall maintenance of the human body through exercise. Exercise equipment used in fitness centres and residential homes comprises a large portion of the industry. Treadmills, exercise bicycles, steppers, cross trainers, etc. are widely used in the industry. Nearly all of these units use some form of drive system. Chain and various types of belts are all commonly utilized in the drives found in these applications.

    An exercise equipment manufacturer was experiencing a belting challenge on the drive of a high-end cross trainer they were developing for the fitness centre market. The manufacturer tried chain, v-belt and timing belt drives, but all of the drives either caused too much noise or could not properly transmit torque.

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  • Most types of equipment used in the Fitness Industry such as treadmills, exercise bicycles, steppers and cross trainers all contain some type of drive system that utilizes different types of belts or chains. The drives on equipment at the upper end of the market are required to operate at very low noise levels while functioning with a high level of smooth, progressive action. A drive that does not operate well creates a negative experience for the user, giving the impression of a low-quality machine. The development of treadmill conveyor belts in particular has evolved to a level that demands extremely high efficiency and an excellent smooth movement, as the belt passes from friction support to friction support.

    A manufacturer of high-end treadmills contacted Megadyne for assistance with drive issues on a treadmill they were developing for the elite athlete and medical rehabilitation segment of the fitness market. In this application, the slats that make up the conveyor belt are attached directly to the drive belts. The belts supplied by a competitor experienced various problems including drive noise and erratic movement required. There were also issues with the slats becoming loose and eventually detaching from the drive belts.

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