Timing belts Polyurethane endless MEGAPOWER 2


MEGAPOWER 2 is a new generation of thermoset polyurethane timing belts.
Its unique new molding process, combined with a high performance compound, ensures superior dynamic performance, more transmittable power and excellent dimensional stability. 
This translates into an extra 30% of MEGAPOWER 2 performance compared to first generation Megapower.

Megapower 2 belts are engineered for use in both power transmission and precise motion control and positioning applications.


MEGAPOWER 2 offers high performance in terms of traction resistance and flexibility, representing thus the most efficient system of power transmission.

A combination of the best materials and the most advanced production techniques, gives improved performance.
A thermoset polyurethane body of 88 ShA, gives excellent resistance, even during load surging shocks, encountered during stop/start cycles. 

Main components

1 / BODY
The body of the belts are grey/green thermoset polyurethane 88 ShA.
The thermoset polyurethane is obtained by mixing a prepolymer with a bonding compound and heating the mixture.

2 / CORD
High strength helically wound zinc coated steel tension members allow high breaking load and extremely low elongation
Available with Kevlar, Fiberglass, Stainless steel, HP, HF, HPF cord.

Timing belts Polyurethane endless MEGAPOWER 2

Mechanical and chemical properties

  • low pretension
  • excellent dimensional stability
  • constant and high angular speed
  • linear speed up to 20 m/sec
  • superior wear and abrasion resistance
  • maintenance free
  • MEGAPOWER 2  belt working temperature  -25°C/+80°C 


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