Megadyne Group Broadens Its Range with MEGALINEAR MLRE-45 for Automated Warehouse Systems

Megadyne Group Broadens Its Range with MEGALINEAR MLRE-45 for Automated Warehouse Systems

At the intersection of efficiency and durability in the intralogistics domain, Megadyne is excited to present the MEGALINEAR Live Roller End-user (MLRE-45). This latest addition to our belting solutions portfolio is engineered to facilitate the requirements within automated warehouse live roller systems, providing both performance and value.

Distinctive Features of the MEGALINEAR MLRE-45:

  • Durability: The MLRE-45 boasts an 85 ShA polyurethane with an anti-static fabric backing and is reinforced with an aramid cord to provide stable performance in live roller applications.
  • Anti-static and Wear Resistance: The belt's antistatic black fabric ensures minimal friction, designed to enhance your logistical operations' efficiency, and belt wear resistance.
  • Reliable Cost-effective Performance: With a focus on stability and cost-effective efficiency, the MLRE-45 offers dependable and smooth operation in conveyor systems.
  • Maintenance Efficiency: The yellow hue of the belt's polyurethane simplifies wear assessment, and its design allows for consistent splicing using widely available tools.

Specifications of the MEGALINEAR MLRE-45:

  • Fit for Purpose: The belt comes with a standard width of 45 mm and a thickness of 4.7 mm, tailored for live roller applications.
  • Strength by Design: With a maximum traction load capacity of 4,025 N and breaking strength of 16,100 N, the MLRE-45 is robust and reliable.
  • Adaptable to Various Environments: Designed to perform within a temperature range of -13 to +176 °F, the MLRE-45 is versatile in different warehouse settings.

Engage with the MEGALINEAR MLRE-45 and Elevate Your Operations:

For detailed insight into the MLRE-45's design features or to consult on integrating this belting solution into your systems, connect with the Megadyne team. We are ready to bolster your operations with our new live roller belting solutions.

Learn more about the MEGALINEAR MLRE-45 by visiting the product page.

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