MEGAPOWER EC - No Shocks To The System

MEGAPOWER EC - No Shocks To The System

New products were presented at the Hannover Messe, including the new electric conductive Megapower EC belt that guarantees no shocks to the system with its antistatic property.

With power transmission belts, static buildup can present a real problem, creating risks of product damage or even fire or explosion. The new Megapower EC from Megadyne is a black antistatic belt made of PU that is 100% antistatic and can be suitable in applications ranging from optical equipment to vending machines. The Megapower EC is the latest in the Megapower line: EC means Electrical Conductive. This belt does not produce sparks or electrostatic charges.

A durable belt with very good resistance to fresh water and good resistance to sea water as well as oil, grease and strong acids and alkali, the Megapower EC minimises maintenance needs while producing consistently high performance levels. It operates with efficiency across a wide temperature range (-25°C/+80°C). In addition, it meets industry standards (including ISO 9563) and is compliant with the EU's RoHS Directive and REACH regulation.

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