MEGALINEAR ID - Have A Word With Your Belt

MEGALINEAR ID - Have A Word With Your Belt

New products were presented at the Hannover Messe, including the special Megalinear ID belt, equipped with a microchip that can relay data to smartphones or other devices.

Imagine a timing belt that had something to say - Megadyne's Megalinear ID, the latest development in the Megalinear line and currently in the prototype stage, will come equipped with microchips that can interact with communication devices such as smartphones in order to relay information about itself, including pitch type, lot number or production location, or even more advanced information, such as how many work cycles it has completed.

Made of TPU 92 +/-4 ShA and available with a minimum width of 32 mm, the belt features high-strength zinc-coated tension members (available in a range of materials including stainless steel and Kevlar) for constant dimension and very low elongation. The Megalinear ID exhibits high flexibility and high resistance to oil, grease and damage from hydrolysis or ageing. What's more, the belt microchip could be customised regarding the data it holds, holding out exciting possibilities for further benefits.

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