Megadyne proposes the HYBRID BELT series: basic version, HYBRID BELT PLUS, HYBRID PRO BELT PLUS and HYBRID BELT FOR VACUUM.

Greater productivity, less energy absorption, extreme customization, flexibility, smooth starting and running: these are the main features. 
HYBRID BELTS are made with the application of a central timing belts in a polyurethane conveyor belt. The range includes HYBRID BELTS PLUS - when two or more timing belts are applied at the edges of the conveyor belt - and the HYBRID PRO BELTS PLUS, made with Megalinear QST at the edges of the conveyor belt that guarantees less noise.
The HYBRID BELT FOR VACUUM belongs to HYBRID family product. This is an extremely innovative belt, developed to combine not only timing and conveyor belts, but also a polyester open mesh fabric.

Designed for Packaging … but it is not the only field in which HYBRID BELTS are used. They are manufactured for many other applications such as:

  • Hygienic market
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical industries
  • Material handling
  • Paper and printing industry
  • Wood processing

Their design combines the benefits of both components, conveyor belts and timing belts: see all advantages and ask for more information. Our team is at your complete disposal!

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