Blue Grip

Blue Grip

We would like to show you new Megadyne product: BlueGrip

This belt is specifically created for use in the transfer and conveyor lines, mainly of the packaging industry.

Main features are:
● no-marking, clean blue color
● high abrasion resistant
● hardness of 54 ShA +/- 4
● available with variable extra thickness
● working temperature: from -20 °C to +80 °C
● silicon-free
● backside compound (1) is cured in ‘one shoot’ with the body (2): no glue or bonding required
● backside is always grinded to the final thickness (possibility to be re-worked by customers to get any shape desired).

Belt performance are equal to the equivalent standard timing belt.
Bluegrip belts are produced with a minimum quantity and it is possible to sell in sleeve for maximum service flexibility.

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