The Megadyne Automated warehouse, Speed, Accuracy & Efficiency

In operation since 1st  June 2017, our new automated warehouse located in Mathi, is our central European logistics platform.

With  26,000 m3 of internal storage area, our automated warehouse will allow us to:

  • Optimise the management of finished and semi-finished products more efficiently
  • Reduce product flow times and increase accuracy
  • Create a “Smart Warehouse” with more integrated control data
  • Greatly increase the overall storage capacity
  • Offer the fastest times, from order to product delivery in the marketplace

"The new Megadyne automated warehouse - says Matteo Tadolini, Logistics Manager - has a high level of Smart automation and is designed around Industry 4.0 guidelines. Continuing to supply our clients in the European & the Middle East & African markets, with more Speed, Accuracy & Efficiency"

The new Smart Warehouse is totally integrated with the business management system and interfaces directly with our production systems. Utilising automated lift systems, that traverse along 4 lanes and reach a height of 17 meters, allows instant access to 13,000 pallet storage stations (which permit us to stock approximately 40.000 SKU'S).

All the pallet handling is fully automated and allows operators to work directly at multiple picking points, with additional stations for incoming goods.

The system is designed to have a capacity of over 160 pallets per hour.

Speed, Accuracy & Efficiency