Secrets of Bagger belts

Secrets of Bagger belts

What makes a great bagger belt?

Several factors contribute to the quality of an FFS belt, each of which can seriously impact your packaging operation. The main ones include:

1. Wear - Belts are expected to wear down through normal use, but ensuring that the belt features a durable wearing cover will allow your operation to provide consistent friction across the whole belt surface. Regardless of the belt’s lifespan, you can be sure that it will continue to operate normally, without causing problems for your packaging processes.

2. Grip - Grip ensures that your material is conveyed properly through the process, and will prevent slippage, which can result in inefficiencies or damage to the package. Non-glazing compounds provide superior grip and abrasion resistance to increase the lifespan of your belts.

3. Physical features - Certain materials and processes may require holes, slots, grooves, and various profiles of a form-fill-seal belt. These features must meet precise tolerances and specifications to provide reliable performance.

4. Longevity - This is the most important factor for all FFS belts. During normal operation, belts receive constant wear and are required to last as long as possible to minimize downtime. These endless belts, and durable wearing covers also provide operators with consistent friction for their application.

5. Correct coefficient of friction - This is an important factor for belt systems in general, but especially for other applications such as bill validators, as they must be able to grab bills while maintaining the proper release to dispense them. Most OEMs utilize urethane or rubber compound materials to create this friction. We are proud to offer OEM-quality belting to ensure that your machine is outfitted with a belt meeting the highest quality standards. We understand the important design criteria for effective and consistent replacement belting so that machines continue to operate with original functionality.

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