P3.3 – The Long-Awaited Solution to Elevator Industry Challenges

P3.3 – The Long-Awaited Solution to Elevator Industry Challenges

We are proudly introducing a new member of the Megalinear product family - P3.3! The belt addresses the most popular challenges in the elevator industry. If you want to ensure a quiet, smooth, and safe ride of your lift, this is the solution worth investing in.

Reliable design 

The design of P3.3 is completely reliable, and the reduction of motor size together with smaller pulley diameters enable considerable energy savings. The service lifetime is extended up to 15 years, as the belt is highly resistant to wear, cold, and moisture. It is maintenance free. As such, Megalinear P3.3 is compliant with EN 81-20:2020, EN 81-50:2020 and Lift Directive 2014/33/EU.

Before and After

The elevator industry is used to rely on rope traction systems. However, such an approach often results in cabin vibration, exposure to rust, higher energy consumption, and  greater wear. Space is an issue, too. Because larger traction sheaves require an extra machine room and large cabin rollers.

Recognising all these challenges of lift industry, we came up with a very specific answer. P3.3 is resistant to environmental factors, chemicals, and UV rays. There is no risk of rust. The zinc tensile cords encased in a polyurethane body ensure smooth ride with no vibration and far less oscillation. Your gains include also higher energy savings, longer lifetime, smaller motor and sheave, and compact cabin peripherals.

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