New V-Belts catalogue

New V-Belts catalogue

We are glad to inform you that we have updated the new V-belts handbook. You can download the catalogue directly in the Resources area or make requests to customer service.

Introducing V-belts

Megadyne V-belts have been used for decades in most different industries and applications, offering drive solutions to customers all over the world. Applied technology guarantees dimensional precision in V-belts allowing them to be suitable for multiple transmissions.

This dimensional stability continues also during belt use. The variety of belt sizes available allows the application of Megadyne V-belts on a wide range of drive applications, such as:

  • Machine tools
  • Industrial washing machines
  • Textile machines
  • Continuous paper machines
  • High-power mills
  • Stone crushers

The main V-belt components are:

  1. Belt body made of a special rubber compound which provides, thanks to its excellent mechanical characteristics, high-transmission efficiency and assures a minimum rubber wear off;
  2. Tensile member consisting of high-strength and low-stretch cords, which grant length stability over the belt lifetime;
  3. Fabric jacket or cover made of fabric, protecting the tensile member and permitting the use of a backside idler. Our wide range of products with different power rates and several structures allows Megadyne to always find the best solution for a very wide spectrum of applications.


  • Smooth starting and running
  • Wide range of driven speed
  • Low maintenance
  • High efficiency
  • Extremely wide horsepower ranges
  • Dampen vibration between driver and driven pulleys
  • Silent operations
  • Long life service
  • Easy installation
  • Reduction in drive dimension
  • Working temperature range from -30°C to +80/90°C  (see details in family pages)
  • Oil and heat resistance
  • Antistatic properties

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