New Timing belts for vertical form fill seal

New Timing belts for vertical form fill seal

There are many manufacturers of vertical FFS equipment on the market today and Megadyne Group is experienced with all of the leaders. We manufacture speciality belts both for OEMs and aftermarket distributors.

New timing belts for Vertical Form Fill Seal

Vertical Form Fill Seal (FFS) equipment is widely used in packaging operations throughout the manufacturing industry. As the name implies, these machines work in an assembly line fashion by forming plastic sheeting into a bag, filling the bag with product, and then sealing the package. Certain factors such as the bag material sometimes cause the need for custom solutions like the use of different cover materials. Our years of experience with these belts allow us to help our customers determine the best belts for their specific use.

The new process for a type of endless FFS belting came about in response to a problem a customer was having with their machine. Frequently, this is our motivation for innovative solutions and a drive to develop!

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