New Belts for Vehicle Lifts

New Belts for Vehicle Lifts

Megadyne belts for vehicle lift systems offer outstanding load capacity and high transmittable power levels under continuous load, all while operating with precision and maintenance-free reliability.

Strong as steel

When lifting vehicles, strength and safety are of top concern, and the Megalinear GW 14 and 20 and the Megalinear RPP14 XHP open-end belts are all more than capable of handling the job. Designed by the experienced engineers at Megadyne, a company with more than 60 years in power transmission systems, and boasting a core system of high tensile zinc-coated steel cords, these thermoplastic polyurethane belts are durable and dependable high-performance products, even at high load weights.

Smart design

One factor that contributes to the smooth gearing on these Megadyne belts is the special NFT coating of extra-durable nylon on the teeth. This design characteristic minimizes noise as it lowers vibrations and the coefficient of friction, thus reducing operational wear and tear on other system components as well. The belts also have a very low elongation rate, boosting precision in performance and avoiding any tracking issues. Other attributes that have been built into these products include the capacity to withstand abrasive conditions and all the environmental challenges present in heavy lift applications. The belts are resistant to common oils, greases, lubricants, several solvents, acids and alkalis, and are excellent against ozone attacks. They can work in a wide range of temperatures as well.

Money saving

With stronger belts that last longer, resist wear, tear and ageing and provide dependable and efficient performance, both maintenance costs and system downtime can be reduced. In addition, lower noise levels contribute to a better operating atmosphere. The Megalinear GW 14 and 20 belts are available in standard widths of 50mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm, while the Megalinear RPP14 XHP is available in widths of 40mm, 55mm, 85mm and 115mm, and comes in a standard length of 100M.

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