MEGAWIRE - Carrying The Electricity 

MEGAWIRE - Carrying The Electricity 

New products were presented at the Hannover Messe, including the Megawire solution for power supply to small motors for materials handling, in which the cords transmit power and electrical signals.  

Megadyne has developed an exciting new Megalinear belt, the Megawire. This special belt is able to transmit electrical energy through a series of cords embedded in its PU body, making it particularly useful in material-handling applications, where it will be able to run power to small motors. Alternatively, the current stream within the belt can also be used to carry electric signals.

The maximum voltage that the Megawire belt is capable of transmitting is 24V, and the maximum electrical current intensity that it is rated for is 6 amperes. The current is carried along a minimum of 9 cords on a high-flexibility belt that is compliant with EU RoHS Directive and REACH regulation. What's more, the Megawire is capable of operating across a wide temperature range (-25°C/+90°C), extending its application possibilities even further.

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