The world of modern intralogistics requires reliability, efficiency, and durability, able to combat sector demands. At Megadyne, we are known for our innovative solutions that fit the requirements of the industry and combat the problems of our clients. Another such design, MEGALINEAR Live Roller Belt (MLR-45) is a product ideal for the Logistics Industry and its needs.  

Introducing the MLR-45 

A demanding environment such as intralogistics calls for solutions to combat the constant drive for reliability, durability, and efficiency. With no space to deal with sudden maintenance issues or downtime, leading to loss of profit and orders, the sector needs belts that can be depended upon. Roller belts have gained traction within the Logistics Industry as they are perfect for conveying applications and processes in the warehouse. 

Additionally, critical to belt performance is its interaction with rollers. The belt must exhibit flexibility while optimizing friction on metal rollers. This flexibility ensures smooth navigation through the twists and turns of roller conveyors. 

MLR-45 meets those needs, with a design fit for demanding applications in the logistics warehouse. It is manufactured from polyurethane 85° ShA, in standard green, and available in an alternative version with black antistatic fabric on the bottom. It features central aramid cords packed to avoid cords at the sides, a green translucent finish for easy wear detection and a high friction surface.  

Characteristics of MLR-45 

The MEGALINEAR Live Roller belt offers flexibility and top performance due to its high grip and less slip on the rollers. Stable tension over time and smooth running ensures high efficiency, as well as longer life, saving money and time needed for repairs. With easy installation, fast replacement on site and easy splice with common splicing equipment, it decreases company spending. Finally, superior wear and abrasion resistance results in longer belt life and improved resistance to ozone and temperature degradation. MLR-45 is an investment that not only increases the performance of your warehouse but also decreases spending in the long run.  

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At Megadyne, we pride ourselves on offering the best for our clients no matter their needs or requirements. We always assist with choosing the ideal belt for the application. Contact us to learn more about MLR-45, and whether it suits your business and the demands of the sector you operate in.  

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