The eco-friendly solution for your power transmission system.

Looking for an eco-friendly belting solution that doesn't compromise on quality? Look no further than MEGALINEAR and MEGAFLEX MegaEco Biobased, our latest innovation for power transmission systems. The belts are manufactured with polymer coming partially from vegetable sources and their production reduces the CO2 footprint, which makes them a perfect choice for companies committed to sustainability.

Sustainable yet equally efficient performance

While being an environmentally-friendly and impact-reducing alternative to standard belting solutions, MEGALINEAR and MEGAFLEX MegaEco Biobased don’t diminish the quality of performance. The cord capacity, its strength, and resilience remain intact. As a result, you don’t have to sacrifice high efficiency for sustainability. Now you can have both of them.

Beyond the green

The green colour of MEGALINEAR and MEGAFLEX MegaEco Biobased is more than just a symbol of sustainability. Not only does it result in more aesthetic design but also makes it easier to identify and track any maintenance and performance issues.

Perfect for vertical farms and more

Megadyne MegaEco Biobased timing belts are perfect for all industries committed to reducing their CO2 footprint and usage of fossil-based raw materials. The solution is especially vital for vertical farms, material handling in agriculture, and planting.

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