Megadyne Group - CEO announcement

Megadyne Group - CEO announcement

Megadyne is pleased to announce a turning point in the history of the company.

Announcement from the organisation's CEO

Partners Group AG, a global private market investment manager, has agreed on behalf of its clients to acquire Megadyne Group from Astorg and the other minority shareholders.

This transaction follows Partners Group's recent agreement to acquire Ammeraal Beltech.

Megadyne and Ammeraal both operate in highly attractive markets and benefit from increasing industrial automation in many industry verticals across the world, offering highly complementary products and services.

“We see a strong cultural fit with Partners Group and with Ammeraal - states Giorgio Tadolini, CEO of Megadyne Group - and believe the planned merger could cement a lasting legacy for both companies, which is why the Tadolini family has chosen to reinvest into this acquisition. Given recent industrial trends, we are convinced that numerous growth opportunities still lie ahead of us. We look forward to benefiting from Partners Group's proven track record of investment in the industrial sector as we aim to capture this growth.”

More information about this development can be found in the announcement attached.

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