DTM micro tension meter - instruction manual

Megadyne is pleased to announce the new tensioning device, DTM TENSION METER INSTRUCTION MANUAL.

What is Megadyne DTM-Micro?

The Megadyne DTM-Micro is used to check the static tension of drive belts through frequency measurement. It is fully electronic and equipped with the latest microprocessor technology. This results in easy handling and a high measurement precision. The device uses acoustic measurements and can be used for all kinds of V-belts, Poly-V-belts and Timing Belts independent of the pitch, colour or elastic body material.

The DTM-Micro works on the principle of enforced lateral vibration. The vibration frequency is proportional to the belt tension. This means the higher the vibration frequency, the higher the belt tension. 

More information on how the tensioning device operates is available in the manual attached below.

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