Conveyor Belt for The Airports

Megadyne is proud to present a new and improved product for the movement of luggage in the airport sector.

A new belt for the airports

Produced as transversal rigid FABCON 2R-RX/14 B24 00/U0 AS FR, it has a high load capacity because of the strong structure of its carcass. This belt provides reliable transportation of the luggage after check-in. It is antistatic in accordance with ISO 284 and ISO 21178 norms and flame retardant according to ISO 340.

Because the bottom surface is manufactured with silent polyester fabric, the belt works at minimum sound levels. Abrasion resistance is increased due to PU impregnated top surface, which also makes it easy to clean while extending the life of the product. Megadyne is pleased to introduce this new product, which extends our range for the Airport and Logistic Centers Sector.

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