AMMEGA's commitment to American manufacturing at NIBA conference in Nashville, TN

AMMEGA's commitment to American manufacturing at NIBA conference in Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN – September 13st – AMMEGA (, a global leader in lightweight conveyor belting and power transmission solutions, is thrilled to announce its presence at the upcoming NIBA Convention in Nashville, TN. The event, scheduled from September 12nd to 15th, will serve as a platform for AMMEGA to unveil its forward-looking strategies and highlight its dedication to American manufacturing.

AMMEGA's three distinguished product brands – Ammeraal Beltech, Megadyne Group, and Chemprene – will take center stage at the convention presenting high-quality solutions that demonstrate the company's relentless pursuit of excellence.

“Our participation in the NIBA Convention marks a significant milestone for AMMEGA as we introduce our new house of brands strategy,” stated Tom Doring, President - Americas Region. “This approach highlights our commitment to offering tailored solutions, meeting the diverse needs of our clients, while emphasizing our investments in American manufacturing and faster delivery times.”

We are thrilled to announce that AMMEGA is embracing a bold and innovative approach to brand management and communication. We are proud to unveil a fresh new design and logo as part of our commitment to the house of brands strategy. This strategic shift signifies our dedication to enhancing the individuality and distinctiveness of each brand under the AMMEGA umbrella while ensuring a cohesive and memorable customer experience. As we move forward, our brands will continue to evolve and flourish, delivering exceptional products and services that cater to your unique needs and preferences.

AMMEGA's commitment to the American market and customer centricity is evident through its substantial investment of over $100 million in the Americas. The company's dedication to American Manufacturing is not only reflected in its state-of-the-art facilities but also in its ability to provide hands-on support, customized solutions, and partnerships that drive mutual success. For a detailed overview of our investments, watch this video. “We firmly believe that our investments will revolutionize the industrial landscape, allowing us to better serve our clients and uphold our core values,” added Tom Doring. Note: Ammeraal Beltech, Megadyne and Chemprene products are made in the USA with US and imported materials.  

At the heart of AMMEGA's operations lies a strong commitment to Sustainability. The Ecovadis Gold Certification further affirms the company’s relentless pursuit of eco-friendly practices and responsible operations. “Sustainability is a non-negotiable aspect of our business philosophy,” emphasized Tom, “we are proud to lead the industry towards a more sustainable future.” The company has recently released its Sustainability Report with details of its sustainability journey, please check it out here.

Ammeraal Beltech: Tailored Conveying Solutions for Every Challenge

Ammeraal Beltech, a flagship brand of AMMEGA, is committed to providing tailored conveying solutions for your application challenges. Ammeraal Beltech has solidified its presence as a leader in the conveyor belt industry across various sectors. With a focus on enhancing customer experience and bolstering manufacturing capabilities in the Americas, Ammeraal Beltech has taken significant strides to elevate its service and product offerings.

In alignment with AMMEGA's strategic investments in the Americas, Ammeraal Beltech has expanded its Modular products manufacturing facility in Reading, Pennsylvania. This expansion allows Ammeraal Beltech to locally mold and assemble products in the US while increasing warehouse capacity to ensure faster product delivery. The facility's capacity has seen remarkable growth, expanding by 50% in 2021 and an additional 40% this year. Furthermore, as part of its commitment to better serve the American market, Ammeraal Beltech has inaugurated a state-of-the-art facility in Buford, Georgia, capable of producing conveying belts locally after mixing chemicals on-site. These investments are integral to Ammeraal's broader production strategy, with plans for a new facility in Mexico that will reinforce the company's conveyor belt production capabilities to better serve the Americas market.

Niels van den Boogert, Head of Conveyor Solutions Americas and Member of the NIBA Program Committee, commented, "Our participation in NIBA underscores our dedication to providing innovative conveying solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by industries across the Americas. Our recent expansions and investments exemplify our commitment to delivering quality products and services with unmatched speed and efficiency. Ammeraal Beltech is excited to showcase our enhanced capabilities at NIBA, highlighting our continued growth and our unwavering commitment to our distributor partners."

For more information about Ammeraal Beltech and its tailored conveying solutions, please visit

Megadyne Group: Empowering Precision with Sustainable Power Transmission Belts

Megadyne Group's participation at the conference is dedicated to showcasing its accurate, reliable, efficient, and sustainable power transmission belts engineered for specific applications. "Megadyne's commitment to precision and sustainability is unwavering," emphasized Kyoyul Oh, Head of Power Transmission & Fluid Power Americas. "Our power transmission belts are the result of cutting-edge engineering, enabling industries to achieve unparalleled efficiency and performance."

Megadyne’s footprint in the Unites States consist of 2 manufacturing facilities and 6 Customer Solution Centers; the recent investments in these facilities have allowed us to automate processes, to be able to produce customized belts and to serve our customers faster and better. These belts, designed to meet the unique demands of various applications, are a true embodiment of Megadyne's commitment to innovation.

For more information about Megadyne, please visit

Chemprene Celebrates 50 Years of Excellence

As a part of the convention, AMMEGA is excited to honor a momentous milestone - 50 years of Chemprene's exceptional contributions to the belting industry. Renowned for its high-quality rubber products, Chemprene remains a true benchmark in the industry. “The 50-year milestone of Chemprene is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier rubber solutions globally,” affirmed Don Rabb, Director of Sales for Chemprene and Member of the NIBA Program Committee. 

Chemprene’s US manufacturing facility, located in Beacon, New York produces its very own rubber, meticulously crafting the vital component that goes into the lightweight belting solutions they are renowned for. This dedication to self-production ensures the highest standards of excellence in every belt they sell. Learn more about Chemprene's remarkable journey at and witness firsthand their dedication to quality and innovation.

As AMMEGA takes the spotlight at the NIBA Convention, the company's dedication to innovation, American Manufacturing, sustainability, and excellence remains unwavering. Join us in Nashville to experience firsthand the future of conveyor belting and power transmission solutions.

Note: Ammeraal Beltech, Megadyne and Chemprene manufacturing facilities produce belts in the US with US and imported materials.


AMMEGA is a global leader in lightweight conveyor belting and power transmission solutions, with three distinct product brands Ammeraal Beltech, Megadyne Group, and Chemprene. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, quality, and passion for sustainability, AMMEGA delivers tailored solutions across diverse industries. Backed by a significant investment in the Americas and an Ecovadis gold certification, AMMEGA is dedicated to empowering its customers and shaping a more sustainable future.


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