A powerful belt designed specifically for lift systems

A powerful belt designed specifically for lift systems

Introducing Megalinear Open End P3.3

The Megalinear Open End P3.3 belt from the Megadyne Group heralds an exciting new generation of belts for industrial elevators, home lifts and other vertical movement systems.

Robust and reliable

The most important factors in any lift system are safety and dependability; every part of the lift system must perform its function without fail, over and over again, in the range of operating environments typical of lift applications. For belt manufacturers, this requires achieving exceptional durability and dimensional stability without sacrificing other characteristics, such as flexibility, essential for the continuous smooth operation of the lift. At the same time, any material used in the construction of the belt should also help minimize operating noise, contributing to a more satisfying overall experience for the end user.

Designed to perform

With all of these requirements in mind, the engineers at Megadyne, a company with more than six decades of experience in power transmission systems, came up with the Megalinear Open End P3.3, a black thermoplastic polyurethane no gap belt, made in Italy with a high traction load capacity, excellent performance and smooth operation. It is available in standard widths of 25mm, 30mm, 36mm, and 60mm and varying lengths as requested, designed to meet various load requirements for a broad range of lift systems.

Built to last

The design brief was to create a strong and exceedingly tough belt, capable of withstanding wear-and-tear challenges while delivering performance excellence. The new belt boasts exceptional dimensional stability and superior abrasion and wear resistance, as well as resistance to ageing, hydrolysis, UV radiation and ozone attack. The P3.3 was tested rigorously during development by the product brand's R&D Division and then thoroughly trialled all over again during the successful certification process conducted by LIFTINSTITUUT, and its durability and performance were confirmed.  

The benefits of the belt

The innovative materials and design concepts that went into creating the Megalinear P3.3 have produced a belt that will operate maintenance-free throughout its long lifetime of service, delivering the reliability required to keep lift systems running smoothly and OEM and end-users equally satisfied.

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