5 benefits of choosing the right belt for a treadmill

COVID-19 has significantly affected the fitness industry. After severe declines in revenues and memberships, finally, the time has come for this market to restore its position and thrive again. The industry regains momentum and in the article below we explain major trends worldwide and how to keep up with them. As experts in power transmission solutions, we’ll tell you why equipping a treadmill with an appropriate belt is of paramount importance. Read on and learn what benefits choosing the right solution for your device can bring.

Fitness industry: What matters for customers?

First, it’s interesting to have a look at current customer expectations. COVID-19 has changed the way gyms operate and how fitness goers perceive them. Many fitness centres stayed closed due to the restrictions, paving the way for home gym equipment to flourish. More and more treadmills and exercise bikes for home use have been sold and the market is expected to continually grow. 

Nevertheless, in the post-pandemic era, gyms start to regain momentum and clients are more secure about what they want to see there. According to the EuropeActive Consumer Survey 2022, what matters most for them today is the equipment and social experience. These are the key unique selling points fitness centres should take into consideration to make their offer outstanding.

The strong recovery of the fitness industry is linked to the increased usage of fitness apps and materials shared by influencers. The community associates exercise with health and consciously chooses to take care of it. The attention has shifted to digitalisation and online training opportunities. Members of fitness facilities look for health-oriented offers and evaluate the hygiene standards. Safety and maintenance of equipment do matter more than ever before. 

However, sports and health are just one dimension of gyms. Another is the ability to socialise and meet peers. Gymgoers emphasise the connection between the mind and body training. 

In light of the above facts, fitness equipment manufacturers can do a lot to create solutions that meet users' expectations and make fitness centres excel. We’ll focus on our area of expertise and discuss how the choice of belt can influence the way a treadmill operates.

How does the choice of belt influence a treadmill?

Choosing an appropriate belt for a treadmill may bring a variety of benefits. Below you can find at least 5 of them.

1. Noise reduction

Implementation of a well-chosen belt translates into significant noise reduction. A treadmill operating at a lower noise level gives gymgoers a better experience and the opportunity to exercise in a friendly environment. It’s more comfortable, too. Low-noise operation is equally vital in treadmills used at home.

Current gyms have to deal with a lot of competition. To stand out, it’s no longer enough to seduce customers with an attractive membership price. Today going to a gym is an experience, and building this high-quality experience requires investments in spotless facilities, friendly staff, knowledgeable trainers, a wide range of classes, and high-quality equipment. High-end gyms are growing in number and because they understand the power of positive impressions, they find noise reduction a must-have

2. Energy savings

Selecting the right belt may also result in substantial cost savings. Depending on a treadmill, the use of a specific belt can reduce the motor energy needed to run the device. Some belts, like Megaflex, allow a different transmission setup, minimising friction and energy consumption during operation. Durable solutions additionally improve the treadmill's lifetime and reduce downtimes offering further savings. A drive that operates faultlessly creates a positive experience and is a synonym for a high-quality machine

3. Maintenance-free operation

A consciously selected treadmill belt means reduced maintenance. For example, Megadyne polyurethane endless timing belts require no silicone lubrication, so there is no build-up on the transmission or pulleys. The level of hygiene is greatly increased.

4. Realistic experience

What is more, high-quality treadmill belts can make the user experience more realistic. Megaflex belts, for instance, work on a low friction drive with no deck, giving the impression of running on the real ground. Such immersion is of invaluable importance for the user.

5. Improved safety

Last but not least, deciding on a suitable belt can improve the safety of the runners. Use state-of-the-art technology to provide gym goers with a soft landing, less impact on the joints, and reduced risks of injuries. Opt for belts that enable smooth starting and running. 

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