MEGABLUE (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

Descripción general

Conveyor belts MEGABLUE


MEGABLUE is Megadyne’s product specifically created for food applications. This is an ideal combination of the benefits of a classical smooth convyeor with the mechanical and chemical advantages of a plastic modular belt.


Good alternative to the classic plastic modular belt, MEGABLUE works with the same sprockets of modular plastic belts.
The smooth back surface guarantees more hygiene levels where an extreme cleanability is requested: clean-in-place process is possible to avoid bacteria deposit. This belt helps saving water and time usually dedicated to the cleaning.

Características técnicas y mecánicas

  • water and chemical resistant
  • easy to clean
  • antibacteria
  • resistant to humid conditions
  • FDA/USDA /USDA Dairy Approved

Aplicaciones principales


MB 10, MB 20 - Normal version

MB 10K, MB 20K - Kevlar version

Joining methods: finger joint, plastic rivet joint, metal staples joint

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