MEGASYNC™ Silver2 is the new generation of belts made with materials of the highest quality and resistance, to ensure superior levels of performance and an improved power transmission.

Increase of power load capacity by up to +50% compared to the previous version.
Interchangeability with other deep profile systems.


MEGASYNC™ Silver2 offers a higher power rating up to +50% over the existing Silver belt range and a wealth of improved properties at the same price.   

Retaining the RPP tooth profile of the current Silver, the new Silver2 continues to give full functional interchangeability with other deep profile systems. The existing RPP or Silver systems can be upgraded without replacing the pulleys. In addition, due to improved performance, the more compact dimension optimises space utilisation and cost for all new drive systems.

Main components

01 / BODY
The body is made from an innovative rubber compound, reinforced with a special fiber; hardness 90 ShA.

02 / CORD
Continuous helically wound fiberglass cords form the tensile member of the belt.

03 / COVER
A wear-resistant nylon fabric covers the teeth surface; a special impregnation process confers self-lubricant capability.

Timing belts Rubber endless Isoran SILVER 2

Mechanical and chemical properties

  • extreme  resistance to abrasion
  • self-lubricating surface
  • low coefficient of friction
  • exceptional level of resistance to flex fatigue
  • medium resistance to water, environmental agents and greases
  • antistatic, according to BS 2050
  • MEGASYNC™ Silver2 belt working temperature:  -25°C/+80°C


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