PVCCON are standards belts for general conveying purposes.

Big variety of characteristics combinations and top cover structures to meet all possible conveying requirements (in floor, decline, incline).
They are made with different cover hardness, surface patterns, colors.

Resistant to oil abrasion, water.
PVCCON working temperature  -10°C / +70°C         


D SERIES - "Duro-hard"

90° Shore A top cover. Matt surface PVC. High resistance to abrasion of the carrying surface. Conveyors for product accumulation and transverse detectors,...

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G SERIES - "Grinding"

55 Shore A cover hardness. Belts with special impression surfaces for use on wood polishing, gauging and sanding machines, and gypsum board manufacturing....

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L SERIES - "Low hardness"

Soft, 46 to 55 Shore A PVC cover hardness belts. Belts in this range have a very elastic and soft cover with a high coef cient of friction. The large...

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N SERIES - "nero- black"

PVC construction with different cover hardness depending on various possible uses. All types are self-extinguishing /  ame retardant as per DIN – ISO...

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U SERIES "Universal"

74 Shore A hardness PVC belts with good resistance to abrasion and cutting. Suitable for conveying in the presence of mineral oils, hydrocarbons, and...

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