MEGASYNC™ Gold2 and Silver3

MEGASYNC™ Gold2 and Silver3

In the world of power transmission, innovation and development are crucial aspects of success. We are proud to introduce the newest members of the MEGASYNC™ family line – Gold2 and Silver3.

The better version of rubber endless timing belts

A few months ago, we announced a rebranding of our rubber endless timing belts range under the name of MEGASYNC™. Today, the product family line has gained two new arrivals in the form of Gold2 and Silver3 - the next step in the evolution of Gold and Silver ranges.

MEGASYNC™ family line has a wide range of applications in a spectrum of industries. Among them, heavy industry operations, utilizing wood cutting machines, and material handling are the top environments for the rubber endless timing belt applications.

How do Gold2 and Silver3 differ from their predecessors?

The Gold2 variant has been developed to be a more powerful version of RPP and Silver rubber endless timing belts. Made from premium materials, which had been tested extensively, it combines the advantages of gears and roller chain drives, while minimising the drawbacks. The high-performance NBR compound completed with a higher-performing K-glass cord offers a belt that fits a spectrum of applications and promises durability perfect for even the most demanding of environments. Gold2 belts feature the RPC profile, designed also to be interchangeable with existing deep groove profiles. Those features ensure that the new Gold2 is a reliable belt, which can be a solution for many problems and needs.

The Silver3 version offers a power rating of over 20% when compared to Silver and Silver2 belt range, as well as improved properties for the same price. It is an example of our pledge to innovate and evolve without ever compromising the costs and efficiency of our products. Made from fiber-loaded nitrile and a higher-performing fiberglass cord, the Silver3 rubber endless timing belt gives full functional interchangeability with other deep profile systems. The existing RPP or Silver and Silver2 systems can also be upgraded without replacing the pulleys, which minimises the cost of spending. As with the Gold2 belt, the newest Silver3 variant fits different applications, including heavy-duty materials and extreme conditions.

In both versions, the tooth-facing fabric has been enhanced to be more robust and have a longer lifetime. In this way, we are anticipating the extensive use and wear of the MEGASYNC™ belts and we aim to minimize the costs for the benefit of our clients.

Experts in the industry

At Megadyne we always look for ways to innovate and improve. The newest arrivals in the MEGASYNC™ family follow those trends, by offering improved performance and fresh solutions to the most relevant industry needs.

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Contact our experts to learn more about the MEGASYNC™ family line and the Gold2 and Silver3 rubber endless timing belts! We are always ready to discuss with you how our products can aid your operations and how we can help your business.

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