Theoretical Belt Life

The Theoretical Belt Life of the Megadyne's belts is:

  • 25000h for trapezoidal belts
  • 12000h for toothed belts

The term Theoretical Belt Life means the probability that certain belts operate for a continuous number of hours according to the performances indicated in the Megadyne catalogue for the concerned belt model under the following belt standard conditions of temperature, humidity and application (or such other conditions as updated in the web site

  • environment temperature = 20+/-5°C,
  • controlled humidity= 50+/-5%,
  • application = two pulleys, gear ratio: 1:1, diameters not lower than the minimum indicated in the catalogue.

The above statements do not amount to a guarantee of belt duration or performance. The applicable Megadyne's guarantee is only the one provided in the Megadyne's General Conditions of Sale.