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XHP2: helps you work with heavy loads under extreme conditions

MEGALINEAR RPP14 XHP2 and MTD14 XHP2, the advanced timing belts with increased breaking strength and elongation resistance, guarantee higher performance by 10% vs XHP!

Reinforced with the special eXtra High-Performance cords, XHP2 is especially designed for heavy load application in the Logistics & Material Handling.


We are continuously upgrading our products to provide you with the solutions that your business needs, and we’re proud to bring you the improved MEGALINEAR RPP14 XHP2 and MTD14 XHP2, perfect for automated warehouse systems, including cranes and lifts.

Componentes principais

Black TPU 92 ShA

  • Higher belt stiffness
  • More precise positioning

Black NFT cover

  • Optimised tooth protection
  • Durable, wear-resistant
  • Less sensitive to pollution and dirt

Stronger XHP cord

  • Lower elongation
  • Greater power transmission for heavier loads
  • Higher level of safety for lift applications

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